Call for Proposals

DEADLINE: 14 April 2023

The AOAC Southeast Asia Section (AOAC SEA) and the Institute of Drug Quality Control in Ho Chi Minh City (IDQC-HCMC) warmly invite AOAC SEA members and other interested individuals to submit proposals for the scientific topics and talks that will be offered at the 2023 AOAC SEA 2nd Annual Conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in August.

The theme of the conference is “Facilitating Compliance for Food Safety and Quality in International Trade.” We welcome proposals that align with the conference theme and are suitable for the audience in the Southeast Asia region; below is a list of general considerations to help you brainstorm:

  • – Pesticide residues, heavy metals, industrial chemicals, radionuclides, mycotoxins and new challenges
  • – Food microbiology, food chemistry, and food technology
  • – Food additives, food processing, food packaging, and food transport and handling
  • – Agricultural production and food manufacturing
  • – National food control systems: monitoring and sampling, detection and analytical methods, application of standards and food safety requirements
  • – Harmonization of food standards: international standards (risk analysis, scientific investigations, etc), maximum residue limits for pesticides and residues of veterinary drugs, and codes of practice

Consulting with the regulatory organizations in Vietnam and AOAC INTERNATIONAL, we have also developed a list of topics that are relevant to Vietnam and the participants in the region, with alignment to AOAC INTERNATIONAL’s vision, mission, and programs. We kindly ask for your suggestions/comments for the topics below:

  • – Pesticide regulations and multiresidue analysis (ethylene oxide included)
  • – Antibiotic multiresidue analysis
  • – PFAS test method and risk assessment
  • – Processing contaminants (acrylamide, heterocyclic amines, etc)
  • – Heavy metal: ‘zero’ initiative for food in the US
  • – Food adulterant non-target analysis
  • – Microbiology testing (NGS included)
  • – Risk assessment methodology
  • ** Important matrices include seafood, livestock & aqua feeds, vegetables, and health supplements

Develop Your Proposals

The Scientific Program Committee is seeking for topics and talks that cover timely analytical science and food safety topics, particularly issues that pose a significant challenge for the Southeast Asia stakeholder communities. Our goal is to provide a meeting program that balances technical topics with broad scientific ideas and opportunities that align with the conference theme Facilitating Compliance for Food Safety and Quality in International Trade.

To develop well-rounded proposals, consider the following questions:

  • – Why is this topic relevant to the conference theme and to AOAC SEA members and stakeholder communities?
  • – What is the challenge being faced and what is the impact presented by this challenge?
  • – Who is affected and what is the risk, i.e. public health risk, regulatory components?
  • – What analytical solutions are on the horizon for this topic?

Submit Your Proposals

You can either submit your proposals online or bring them to the upcoming AOAC SEA Working Group meetings. If you have not signed up for a working group, please do so promptly with this link:

To submit your proposals online, please fill out the following information in the survey form:

  • – Contact information
  • – Proposals for scientific topics and talks, as well as your justifications
  • – Suggestions/comments for the listed topics

The Scientific Program Committee will evaluate all the proposals and suggestions/comments and will reach out to you if we need further clarification. 

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!